Wednesday, March 30, 2016

We love to hear our visitors' stories about why they came to the Millicent Rogers Museum.  Yesterday, we had a very special guest from New York who traveled to the museum with her niece.  The one place she wanted to see more than anywhere else in the entire world was our museum because she used to be a seamstress for the designer Charles James and got to work with Millicent Rogers on multiple occasions.  Pictured above are our guests with Joe Anible (MRM store sales associate) and David Hillman (admissions). Below is an image of Charles James placing a bustle over one of his dress forms.

In our Millicent as Visionary exhibit, we have included one of Millicent's Charles James dress forms with one of her Navajo textiles wrapped around its shoulders.  

If you want to see her original Charles James gowns (and our guest's handiwork!), they are located in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute.  Here are two examples pictured below.  Millicent Rogers donated her haute couture to the Brooklyn Museum, which was later merged with the collection at the Costume Institute, but we have several examples of her Southwest fashion and jewelry at the museum.  Many of her Southwest-style clothing was designed in collaboration with Charles James as well as Martha Reed of Taos.  


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